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Aryan Rugs offers professional rug repair and cleaning to team of skilled professionals, trained by rug weavers from abroad, cleans and repair all rugs on-site in our warehouse in Irvine.  

For rug cleaning, rugs are washed with a gentle formula by hand three times to ensure adequate cleaning without damaging the rugs fibers or colors. We specialize in removing localized wine stains, animal stains, fruit stains, and odors (pet odors, etc). 

For rug repair, first find the appropriate wool, cotton, or silk to match’s the rug’s original material. Then, they will re-weave the rug using rug sewing needles and thread by hand. Once repaired, the naked eye will usually not be able to distinguish between the repair work and the natural rug. We can repair rug wholes, incomplete or weak rug fringes, fading colors, weak foundation, low pile, et cetera. 

For non-local customers, we will arrange UPS pickup and delivery. 

Please contact us at 949-280-2310 for a quote. We charge $1.80.00 per square foot for Ordinary washing
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